Order out of Chaos. Coaching & Consulting Services

Survey Intent Consulting- Hunter Ambrose provides Survey Intent consulting to Skilled Nursing facilities and Critical Access Hospitals across the United States. Our Survey Intent Consultants are highly qualified RN’s with a plethora of State Survey, Plan of Correction, Implementation of New Regulations and Compliance experience. The firm offers onsite and video consulting. If your organization is facing Immediate Jeopardy and or had a challenging State Survey- We can help. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Recruitment & Retention Consulting - Unemployment is at its lowest rate since 1969. Healthcare is at virtually 0.00% unemployment. Recruiting talent is at its most difficult stage in more than 50 years. Hospitals and all organizations must constantly evaluate, pivot and improve to not only recruit team member but to retain them. Hunter Ambrose provides Recruitment & Retention Consulting to organizations across the United States. If your organization can’t fill positions within 100 days - Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Coaching- Hunter Ambrose has a team of Coaches who partner with Executives in Transition, Veteran’s and Emerging Leaders. Our Coaches work with Clients for a single session up to 12 weeks- Depending upon Client objectives. Our Coaching Clients are professionals who seek interview coaching, resume preparation and EI (Emotional Intelligence) development in the workplace.